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Our site is about how to find the insurance you need at any part of the world. Of course is a complex matter and we hope to improve our content day by day, increasing the articles, tips and links for make the site useful for visitors.
Probably, when you see insurance needs as a global question, International Insurance is the product many will ask for. Many companies around the world offer international insurance products and services for people who are traveling, working, or living outside their own countries. Recent statistics clearly show that citizens move, live or travel abroad very frequently...

A medical insurance takes care of what is, perhaps, the most precious asset we have: our health. A medical insurance is part of a health care system and provides coverage for treatment of accidents, emergencies, or even appointments to a specialist.
The level of coverage varies from one to another it will probably determine the price of your plan. The number and the quality of hospitals to choose are important conditions to look into...

Trip insurance is purchased by travelers to cover unforeseen health/medical problems while outside the scope of their personal insurance coverage.
Most trip insurance coverages are found in one or more of four general types of policies: Package: the most popular type of trip insurance. Package plans are designed specifically for a single trip. They are ideal for cruises, tours, air trips, vacation home rentals, whether foreign, domestic, or for leisure or business travel...

Some organizations may provide self insurance to their employees instead of purchasing coverage from insurance companies. The employer saves the benefit that would be paid as premium to an insurance company.
Self Insurance actually means no insurance. The company must be prepared for the risk. The public or private employers are responsible by their own coverage. They need to post security deposit to cover liabilities. Third party agencies oversee self insurance programs. A self insurance is similar to regular insurance, though it involves risk management...

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